Affiliation No. 1330008
School Code. 35267
Estd. 2005

Rules & Regulation

General Rules (Discipline)

  1. The cultural and co – curricular activities of the school are conducted by the School. Hence all students are urged to take active part in it.
  2. Any communication made by the parents / guardian should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  3. Parents / Guardians are request to make complaints and suggestions, if any, to the Principal directly and not to the teacher concerned.
  4. Parents / Guardians are requested to ensure that their child / ward carry the books and note books according to the time table for the day and also complete the assigned homework regularly.
  5. Students who do not complete their homework and who are not regular in studies or do not come to school with appropriate study materials or is not punctual – appropriate action will be taken by the class teacher.
  6. Students not coming in proper uniform shall be sent back.
  7. Students should address their teachers, members of the staff and companions with due respects and politeness.
  8. Books, periodicals or newspaper of an objectionable nature are not allowed to be brought into the school.
  9. Do not permit your ward to wear jewellery or carry mobile phones and expensive articles.

School Session and Timing

  • The academic session of the school begins in the month of April and ends in the month of March.
  • Each Session will have minimum 220 working days from the day of re-opening to the annual examination.
  • The school will have six working days in a week.
  • The school timing is -The School timing is – 07:55 AM to 02:10 PM.

School Uniform


Shirt (Check) (For all Classes) Shirt (Check) (For all Classes)
Pant (Blue) (For all Classes) Pant /Skirt (Blue) (For all Classes)
Neck Tie (For all Classes) Neck Tie (For all Classes)
Belt (For all Classes) Belt (For all Classes)
Blazer (III to X) Blazer (III to X)
Sweater (For all Classes) Sweater (For all Classes)
Pull Over (Nursery to II) Pull Over (Nursery to II)
Socks (For all Classes) Socks (For all Classes)
Shoes Black (For all Classes) Shoes Black (For all Classes)
House Dress (For all Classes) House Dress (For all Classes)



* School I-card

* House T-shirt

* Hairbands, ribbons, hairgrips etc. should be black in colour (Girl