Affiliation No. 1330008
School Code. 35267
Estd. 2005

PTM Summary


The ‘Parents-Teachers Meeting’ is an opportunity for parents to meet the class and subject teachers of their wards on a one to one basis. It is also an occasion to interact with the school Principal.  We plan to have seven PTMs in an academic year. Please refer to the school calendar (Page No.12) for dates regarding the same.  However, the parents are most welcome to meet the teachers on any working day only with prior appointment. Parents are welcome to meet the Principal on 1st and 3rd SATURDAY of every month between 12 noon to 2 pm with prior appointment.

Parent Teachers Association Meeting (PTM)


Sl No. PTM Date Day
1 28th April 2018 Saturday
2 02nd June 2018 Saturday
3 31st August 2018 Friday
4 13th October 2018 Saturday
5 30th November 2018 Friday
6 28th February 2019 Thursday
7 23rd March 2019 Saturday